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Day 11 !!!

Ive been sooo good. 
Like yeah, a few slips here and there, but mainly good ! (: 

Anyways, today was fine. 

I just have to say that I love mary-kate olsen even more than I did before.
Ive been a fan my whole life...anyways, I was looking at pics of her back when she was first diagnosed with ana and oh my god, she looked good  ! I wanna look like her, even if it IS impossible hahah

Aaaah I wanna be thin.  

Day 10 !

Sorry I hadnt been on. Had a lot on my mind.

Anyways, today was 600cal day and I did okay
Managed to it around 600 even ! (:

Anyways, tomorrow is 800cals day 
We'll see how that goes
I feel like a pig and I didnt even eat that much today. 

I love how im almost never hungry ! hahahaha 

Think thin babes !

Day 5

So far so good ! hahaa
Fruit and only fruit. 
Tonight might be harder though
Going to a pizza place with my friends... and they might force feed me...
I hope they dont..

So get this ... like 2 days ago i was complaining because i want to wear this new dress that i have and it fits me and all but i look pregnant and so my friend's like ... THATS BECUASE YOU EAT ALL THAT CRAP and im like UH EXCUSE ME?! and i sort of confessed to her the whole thing and she's like YOU'RE SICK YOU NEED TO EAT MORE 

i just got really worked up because first she calls me fat and then she says i need to eat more. whore.

Day 4. .. so far

Im pposting right now, bright and early because I dont know if my internet will work when I get home

Yesterday was awesome, baked low fat brownies, and watched my family get fat as they ate them haha
I didnt even try them ! hahah im so proud of myself

Then I had fruit fruit fruit ! (: 

Todays been good, had 247 cals so far, and thats about to be pretty much it for the day.


Think THIN babies  !

Today is Tom Fletcher's 23rd birthday !

Who is he? McFLY's lead singer/guitarist/piano player [i still prefer danny though]

Day 2 !

So far so good. 
331 cals ! 
Fruit fruit fruit ! 

This is waaay harder at school than it is at homeeee ! 

I hope everyone is well 

A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips ! 
Fat butterflies dont fly! 


Day 1 !

So a bunch of us [I think] are doing this... 

7/14 - fruit fast
7/15 - fruit fast
7/16 - fruit fast 
7/17 - fruit fast
7/18 - fruit fast
7/19 - fruit fast
7/20 - fruit fast
7/21 - 200 cals
7/22 - 400 cals
7/23 - 600 cals
7/24 - 800 cals
7/25 - 100 cals
7/26 - 300 cals
7/27 - 500 cals
7/28 - 900 cals
7/29 - liquid fast
7/30 - fruit fast
7/31 - fruit fast
8/01 - fruit fast
8/02 - 200 cals
8/03 - 400 cals
8/04 - 600 cals
8/05 - 800 cals
8/06 - fruit fast
8/07 - fruit fast
8/08 - fruit fast
8/09 - 900 cals
8/10 - 500 cals
8/11 - 300 cals
8/12 - 100 cals
8/13 - fruit fast
8/14 - fruit fast


1. All calories MUST be spread out during the day. For instance, on the 600 cals day, don't eat 600 cals for breakfast and then nothing else for the rest of the day.. spread out your calories to keep your metabolism going!

2. On fruit fasting days you can only eat fruit and drink water/tea. Watermelon, grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges and blueberries are the best fruits for this.. but any low calorie/filling fruit will do. You can also eat low fat fruit yogurts for protein, but only once a day. Try and keep your calorie intake under 600 cals on fruit fasting days and change around the amount of calories each day. On liquid fasting days you can only drink liquids. Don't drink soda though! Water, tea, natural juices, etc are the best choices.. keep it under 300 cals on liquid fasting days!

3. Stick to healthy low fat foods on all days. Just because it's a 900 cals day doesn't mean you can eat pizza, brownies, hot dogs etc. Try to make those 900 calories worth it! Eat lean meats, whole grains, steamed veggies, low fat cheese, etc.. NO junk food!

4. Always eat BEFORE 6:00 pm if you can. The earlier the better.. but don't stop eating at 1:00 pm so then you'll be hungry at midnight and binge!

5. Of course, DON'T BINGE.. EVER! There really shouldn't be a reason for you to binge since there is no real fast in this plan, only restriction.. so try not to binge :)

6. If you do binge, liquid fast the next day and then get back on track the following day. Don't give up!

7. Exercise! Adjust the level of your workout to the amount of calories you're eating that day.. don't over do on low calorie days like days 100 and 200.. but try to exercise everyday, even if it's just yoga!

8. NO purging! I know 800 and 900 cals seem like a lot but please don't purge.. make those days filled with good healthy foods that won't make you feel guilty.. like veggies, fruits, etc.

9. I know it's tough, but try not to weigh yourself everyday. Your weight will fluctuate but that's only because your metabolism is adjusting.. you might feel like you're gaining weight but it's water weight obviously so just SUCK IT UP and stop complaining! You'll lose the fat pounds quickly.. and they'll stay off :) Try weighing yourself once a week and call it a weigh in day. You'll be happier that way because you'll actually see the progress!

10. Don't give up.. ever :)

Good luck <3333

So aside form the NO DIET SODA thing [which i wasnt aware of] i did PERFECT! hahaha

Food intake:

2 slices of raw apple for breakfast - 20 cals
8 strawberries [snack] - 17 cals
1 whole apple [lunch] - 81 cals
2 slices of honedew melon [snack/lunch]] - 149 cals
1 banana [snack/dinner] - ? cals

The thing is that I had 376 cals total. So thats good ... hahaha 

Letting you know my progress tomorrow loves! 

Think thinNEST!


 Today was like really bad. I doubled my calorie intake....800 freaking cals !!!!!!!!!!!!!! why doesnt someone just kill me? 
Anyways, tomorrow is like day 1 of the fruit fast until Sunday the 20th. 
I still plan on having like a 400-500 cal limit ... even if its fruit... I dont plan on having like 24345646778 cals of fruit you know. 

Im watching JUNO. Ellen Page [you know without being prego] is sooo thin! Such a thinspo ! 

Okay wish me luck tomorrow ! 

think thin lovelies ! 

Black Coffee with 3 splendas is my new best friend by the way...(:

Not a good day.

So today, I eat half of the sub my mum brought me and what happened? I went over my 400-450 cal limit. 
476 stupid cals in a stupid half sub. 
Worst part is, I was like 'ill eat the other half for dinne mum' so she'll be like ... 'have you eaten your sub?' and ill be like...'ill get on it in a sec, just let me finish this..' and she'll just wait for me to go get it and eat it right in front of her, like the first half. 

I might get away with eating the other half tomorrow. And then, ill be off the hook! (: 

Im going to try real hard for this ! I want to, I NEED to! 
Only got about 17 weeks to go till Graduation. I HAVE TO BE THIN! or at least thinNER.

Cant wait till I get my jumping rope thing !

More exercise!


Remember, one second inside your mouth means a lifetime in your hips.


Today's food...[ugh]

10 strawberries
1 apple
4 tacos [I know disgusting]

Which bring me up to about 344 cals.

Im done eating for the day. 
Sticking to water, diet 7up, chai. 

I was actually supposed to go out for my friends 18th tonight. But they will force me to eat so I'll just skip it and stay reading all your inspirational stuff (:

Think THIN babies!  

Hadn't been here in ages...

Over a month! 
I wanted to stay away from ana and GAINED. ):
I feel like a worthless piece of crap. 
Im back now and hoping to be at least 20 pounds slimmer by 31st July! 
Im starting my tough regime on Monday because Im going for a weekend away with frineds and they will force food down my throat.


[I know I should!]


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